Yes And Improv Comedy

Hilarious Evenings of Improv Comedy

The first rule of improv is "Yes And". It helps to keep the comedy aflowin'. And that's what one of Nashville's funniest improv comedy troupe is here to do!

What is short-form Improv Comedy?

Before we tell you who we are, you're probably asking yourself, "What is short-form improv comedy?" Well, guess what. You already know. Have you seen that TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? Well, that's what we do. That's short-form improv comedy.

Our cast of improvisers play short 4-5 minute games where there is no script and no pre-planning. We rely solely on suggestions from the audience for our scenes. That's right! You the audience are in control of what will play out on stage. The only thing we know in advance of a show is the games we are playing, and where we are going to be performing. Although, for some members that is still a question. 

So who is Yes And Improv?

Yes And is a Nashville based improv comedy troupe. Our strict adherence to the first rule of improv (the Yes And rule) gives our audience the gut busting laughs they are looking for in a night of good food, good libations, and good fun! 

Yes And Improv Comedy was founded in 2015 by Ryan Arthur and Austin Huff. Both were previously members of other improv troupes in town. Struggling with the fact that they weren't getting paid to give audiences great laughs, they set out to create a troupe where it's performers would be rewarded for their hard work and dedication. To achieve that goal, they knew their mission would have to adhere to two guiding principles:

1) Provide a full-service evening of entertainment for our guests by partnering with venues that provide a fun atmosphere with food and beverage service.

2) Provide opportunities for improv performers to be rewarded financially for their dedication while also developing their skills in the improv art form.

Through these guiding principles, Yes And Improv is thriving in its infancy and has been given standing dates multiple venues in the Nashville area.

Who's on the roster?

Check out the Cast Bios to meet the crazy gang of improvisers that provide our guest with hilarious improv comedy and make up Yes And Improv.