Yes And Improv Comedy

Hilarious Evenings of Improv Comedy

The first rule of improv is "Yes And". It helps to keep the comedy aflowin'. And that's what one of Nashville's funniest improv comedy troupe is here to do!

"Monkeys have an easier time using our product than you!"

If you manage a team that deals with customers, whether it’s at a retail store, call center, or business done entirely over the internet, you know how certain people will say the craziest things to get a better deal or to return an item. They’ll come up with any excuse they can think of to take you by surprise in order to get want they want. “I found a dead rat in this box of cereal that, incidentally, I had forgotten my kid doesn’t like.” Or maybe, “I don’t understand where this late fee came from, as it wasn’t in any of the other five statements I received that went straight into the garbage!” But how do you respond to these types of comments effectively? Find out here.