Yes And Improv Comedy

Hilarious Evenings of Improv Comedy

The first rule of improv is "Yes And". It helps to keep the comedy aflowin'. And that's what one of Nashville's funniest improv comedy troupe is here to do!

What fills your organization’s needs?

We’ve been writing over a year now, relating concepts from the improv stage to the world of business. Some of them are easily understood with even a basic understanding of business, and some require a deeper comprehension of what drives your organization. At first glance, today’s topic would seem to fall into the former category, that it should be common sense. Yet, many people have trouble perceiving the necessity of it, so it never gets done, and then we wonder why we have trouble getting ahead or staying afloat in our business. Our focus today? Recognizing the needs of your organization and making moves to filling them.