Yes And Improv Comedy

Hilarious Evenings of Improv Comedy

The first rule of improv is "Yes And". It helps to keep the comedy aflowin'. And that's what one of Nashville's funniest improv comedy troupe is here to do!

Alice, Nathan, David

You’re getting sleepy. You’re eyelids feel like they have little weights attached to them, slowly dragging them downward. Your neck is struggling to keep your head upright. Visions of you punching out at the end of the day keep running through your mind. Your head feels like it weighs 20 pounds… now 30.... maybe even 40...Are we trying to hypnotize you? Not at all - the above is a description of how many people in the workplace feel at around 2 or 3 p.m., especially after a large lunch. If you’re like this here is an exercise to help recharge your brain.